So I hope this to be the first of many posts on this new blog.  A few short comments to introduce myself and the goal of this blog.

I am currently a PhD musicology student at a large western US university.  My primary research area is in various media scores (film, television, video games, etc), and while I have yet to start my dissertation research, I do hope to shortly begin to narrow down the exact topic.

The main purpose of this blog is to act as a sort of “temp track” for my research.  Just like the director’s use of a temp track to give the composer an idea of what they might want for music in a particular scene, I hope to use this blog as a sounding board for my ideas.  Though, sometimes I may just post observations and thoughts on a recent score or something that caught my ear.  As I am just beginning this blog, it is hard to know what direction it might take.

Anyway, welcome, and I do hope to update this as often as possible (but school does come first!).