Welcome to The Temp Track ver. 3.0! The original version of the blog was started by myself, Michael W. Harris, while I was in the middle of completing a PhD at the University of Colorado Boulder. Sadly, I had to eventually stop posting semi-regular updates when other writing (i.e. my dissertation) got in the way. But I have always loved the type of writing that this blog affords me and have strived, unsuccessfully, to make it a regular part of my writing life.

Well, after an aesthetic overhaul, I am once again ready to try. “So what’s different?” you may ask yourself in a skeptical tone of voice. Besides a much needed PROFESSIONAL upgrade (courtesy of Sienna Wood), I have decided to expand the blog’s scope to explore more than just film/TV/video game/new media music. Yes, these topics will remain my primary focus, but within the hallowed halls of the new Temp Track Plaza building, I will seek to investigate the wider implications of pop culture along with other topics as they burst into existence in my head.

However, fret not about all the old posts that you loved from previous iterations of this site! Those have been migrated into The Temp Track 3.0 along with some other material from my ancient LiveJournal site! While the quality (and editing) might not be up to the “lofty” standards of TT3.0, I feel that for continuity’s sake, and in the interest of history, this content should be preserved for future generations.

To learn more about my other projects, head over to my personal site or click on the Curriculum Vitae or Professional Work options in the above menu bar.