30 Seconds a Week – Week 4

I recently got an anamorphic lens attachment for my iPhone and have been experimenting with it. I took a number of videos playing with lens flares and pointing it at the rising sun. This is the best one of the bunch, though there is much room for improvement. I am not sure what happened to the sound in this video, though a microphone attachment will soon be added to my regular kit. I am also searching for new subjects to shoot, but my time to seek out interesting things to film is limited.

30 Seconds a Week – Week 2

This has been a strange weather week in Boulder, CO. The temperature has jumped around from well below freezing to being in the 50s. As such, all of the snow (and streams) melted then froze, then melted, followed by a dusting of new snow. Sometimes this cycle is accompanied by the Chinook winds, which at times can stop you in your tracks if you try and walk directly into them. Or as is the case in this video, prevent me from holding a steady shot.

30 Seconds a Week – Week 1

Sometimes you get the urge to do something that expands your skill set or otherwise stretches yourself in a new direction. I guess now is as good a time as any for me to start to exercise my long dormant creative side.

Back in the day I used to do more creative writing—short stories, poetry, etc.—but most of that fell by the wayside as got deeper into graduate school and began doing more analysis rather than creating. Recently, though, I have felt the urge to express myself creatively yet I lack the time and focus to dive back into creative writing. But during a conversation with a friend an idea hit me. It was simple, easy, and most importantly not all that difficult time wise. I have an iPhone, which has a great quality camera, and I live in a place that is both stunning visually, but also interesting in many ways. And then the title of the project came: 30 Seconds a Week. Continue reading “30 Seconds a Week – Week 1”