Where Do We Go From Here?

By Michael W. Harris

So I have been on a bit of a streak with the whole blogging thing. Starting in early January, I have been successfully posting once a week thanks to a back log of ideas in addition to writing two posts a week for two months—essentially writing and editing multiple posts simultaneously, though usually only posting one. Some of that was thanks to the emotional wall I had built and deciding to spend all my free time on the weekend writing, but it was also thanks to really having no other projects in front of me since I was out of library school. Continue reading “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Hiatus, Part Deux

Dear Loyal Readers,

As many of you may have noticed, I have not been updating this blog nearly as often as I would like.  The reasons for this are many, but most are related to my school work, and increasingly, teaching duties.  If you read my mini-bio under ‘About Me,’ you’ll note that I am working on a PhD, and while, prior to this year, that meant only classes, I have recently embarked down that long, dark part known as the “Dissertation.”  I’ve passed the comprehensive exams stage, passed the defense of my dissertation topic, and now, have been cast into the unknown sea marked only with “Here there be Dragons.” Continue reading “Hiatus, Part Deux”

The Week Ahead

Happy Monday/Tuesday to you Loyal Readers one and all.  First, thank you for all the visits recently.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been updating more often or if the same 5 people are coming back over and over, but there has been a noticeable uptick in visits and that is great!  It encourages me to update more often and also strive for better content.  Now if I could just get you to comment!

The week ahead is Inception week, and I’m sure you already know (the pre-release reviews have been astounding).  The score is released on Tuesday and I’m going to try to get some first impressions up that night or Wednesday with a full review to come once I’ve seen the film (hopefully) this weekend.  Also, as I mentioned earlier, this week’s edition of Film Score Friday Top 5 (FSFT5) will be sci-fi scores since 2005 in honor of the film.  I’ve had a hard time putting together this list, and I’m still working through some things, but I’ll detail that in Friday’s post.

I will be going on vacation in a few weeks, but I have a few FSFT5 lists that I’ll be working on to hopefully satisfy hungry minds and ears.  I also have a more content heavy post in the works, but I still need to do some more listening and music transcribing.

Anyway, lots to look forward to, so keep on coming back, or subscribe via Google Reader!  Either way, comment and let me know what you think and maybe also give suggestions for future posts.  Blogging helps to push me to be a better writer and scholar, and I hope I help to push you to be a better listener when you’re at the theatre.


To Infinity and Beyond…

I’m going to try to get at least two more posts up before the end of the year.  First (hopefully in the next few days) will be a review of Avatar (both score and thoughts on the film), and later will come the First Annual Temp Track Year End Awards Spectacular, wherein I will be bestowing awards for ‘Score Of The Year,’ ‘Composer of the Year,’ and ‘CD Release of the Year.’  Look for that sometime around the very end of the month.

It hasn’t been quite one year since the first post went up on this blog (that anniversary will be on January 10, 2010), but it has been about a year since I first started thinking about starting ‘The Temp Track,’ of course back then it was an idea without a name.  It has been quite a year, though.  Things started slow, but picked up as the summer came, and the site started averaging over 100 visits a month (pretty good by my estimation, though puny in the global scope of the internet).  But then the Fall semester hit and I wasn’t able to update nearly as often and things went down…quickly, and for that I apologize loyal reader(s?).  But I think it is about time to try to take the next step with this whole blog thing, and that is new content every week, though cannot do it alone.

This is why I would like some recruits to join me here at the Temp Track, ideally two or so.  Basically this would entail rotating duties on a new Film Score Friday Top 5 list and a “feature” post every week.  This would give each person a few weeks to prepare a new post and list to be posted (though not in the same week).  The goal is to turn this little blog into a new and shiny home for film/tv/and other media scoring reviews, analysis, and possibly news about upcoming releases.

Interested parties should comment on this thread, or contact me via other channels should you have the means.  I’m sure that WordPress allows for multiple users per account, but I’m not sure how…something else to figure out.


This coming semester is going to be a tough one.  As such, I will most likely not be blogging as much as in the past.  I’ll try to update once or so every few weeks, so check back every week or so.  As for Film Score Friday Top 5, some entries may be, but it will, for the time being, not be a weekly feature.  I apologize, but academic concerns take precedent.

-The Management

P.S. – If anyone would like to do a “guest” column, especially Film Score Friday Top 5, I would be more than happy to post them (and give you credit, of course).


Just to let all know, I did just post a new entry, but it is below the recent FSFT5, because I wrote it before as a draft, but didn’t post it because I wanted to do revisions.  But since I started the draft before my latest FSFT5 it posted it below from the date on which I wrote and saved the draft.  You can also read the post here.  Thank you.

-The Management

Apologies and Announcement

Sorry all you loyal readers (I use the plural out of hope!) for not posting a more substantial entry since the Monday before last, but after my spring break things have gotten busy around here.  I just past the outer marker, though, and am heading towards home, only a few more hurdles left in the semester.  To use another Empire Strikes Back reference, you could also say that “the first transport is away.”

One of those hurdles, though, is my upcoming presentation at the Rocky Mountain Chapter meeting of the American Musicological Society.  I’ll be giving my paper Saturday, April 18, on a session starting at 10:45 AM.  I don’t know the rules about outside observers, but I doubt many reader actually live in Boulder, CO, where I’ll be presenting.  But do not fret, faithful viewers, after I present, I’ll be posting my paper (in it’s complete form, not the edited down version I’m giving to due to time restrictions), for all to read.

Also, at the end of May I will be attending the fourth Music and the Moving Image conference in NYC at NYU.  I’m hoping that the friend I’m staying with has Wi-Fi so that I can post daily updates on the papers I hear at the three day conference.

Again, sorry for the lack of substance lately.  I’m going to try and get a new post up this weekend.  Stay tuned.


P.S. – That Borders sale is now 40% (!!!) off.  At least where I am it is.  I picked up Hans Zimmer’s The Simpsons Movie (mainly for “Spider-Pig,” Zimmer’s take on it cracks me up) and Marco Beltrami’s Oscar-nominated 3:10 to Yuma.  Reviews to follow soon.

Micro-Post: Announcements

A few long overdue announcements.  First, a few weeks back I added two blogs to the blog roll over there on the right hand side of your screen.  Herr Vogler is a good friend of mine and also a sometimes film composer and full time listener.  His blog covers not only film music, but also just about any topic (politics being a favorite).  Check it out.  Also ‘Music: The Universal Sandwich’ is done by a friend of mine here in school, and while he needs to update more often, he offers many unique thoughts.

Finally, I am in the process of re-tooling my old Livejoural account to make it into an entertainment based review/critique blog.  While I talk only of music here at The Temp Track, the Livejournal account will be where I can talk about the books, movies, tv shows, non-film music, etc. without having the musicologists glasses on (though I’m sure it will seep in).  I will be adding that link to the blog roll soon.

Anyway, just a few quick notes.  Go about your day as usual now.

Update 3/24: I’ve completed overhauling my old Livejournal account and have added it to the blogroll.