Micro-Post: Announcements

A few long overdue announcements.  First, a few weeks back I added two blogs to the blog roll over there on the right hand side of your screen.  Herr Vogler is a good friend of mine and also a sometimes film composer and full time listener.  His blog covers not only film music, but also just about any topic (politics being a favorite).  Check it out.  Also ‘Music: The Universal Sandwich’ is done by a friend of mine here in school, and while he needs to update more often, he offers many unique thoughts.

Finally, I am in the process of re-tooling my old Livejoural account to make it into an entertainment based review/critique blog.  While I talk only of music here at The Temp Track, the Livejournal account will be where I can talk about the books, movies, tv shows, non-film music, etc. without having the musicologists glasses on (though I’m sure it will seep in).  I will be adding that link to the blog roll soon.

Anyway, just a few quick notes.  Go about your day as usual now.

Update 3/24: I’ve completed overhauling my old Livejournal account and have added it to the blogroll.

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