Apologies and Announcement

Sorry all you loyal readers (I use the plural out of hope!) for not posting a more substantial entry since the Monday before last, but after my spring break things have gotten busy around here.  I just past the outer marker, though, and am heading towards home, only a few more hurdles left in the semester.  To use another Empire Strikes Back reference, you could also say that “the first transport is away.”

One of those hurdles, though, is my upcoming presentation at the Rocky Mountain Chapter meeting of the American Musicological Society.  I’ll be giving my paper Saturday, April 18, on a session starting at 10:45 AM.  I don’t know the rules about outside observers, but I doubt many reader actually live in Boulder, CO, where I’ll be presenting.  But do not fret, faithful viewers, after I present, I’ll be posting my paper (in it’s complete form, not the edited down version I’m giving to due to time restrictions), for all to read.

Also, at the end of May I will be attending the fourth Music and the Moving Image conference in NYC at NYU.  I’m hoping that the friend I’m staying with has Wi-Fi so that I can post daily updates on the papers I hear at the three day conference.

Again, sorry for the lack of substance lately.  I’m going to try and get a new post up this weekend.  Stay tuned.


P.S. – That Borders sale is now 40% (!!!) off.  At least where I am it is.  I picked up Hans Zimmer’s The Simpsons Movie (mainly for “Spider-Pig,” Zimmer’s take on it cracks me up) and Marco Beltrami’s Oscar-nominated 3:10 to Yuma.  Reviews to follow soon.

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