I’m leaving on a roughly week and a half vacation tomorrow and have a 9 hour drive in front of me.  For this drive, I am proposing to myself an experiment: can I listen to the scores of all six Star Wars films during that drive…and still emerge with my sanity?  For this drive I will be using the two-disc sets of Episodes I, IV, V, VI and the standard one-disc releases of Episodes II, III (to my knowledge, there have yet to be complete recording releases of either of those films).  So if my math is correct, that is 10 discs of John Williams goodness.  I’ll let you know the results sometime on Friday or this weekend, after I’ve recovered.  Also, FSFT5 will be going up later tonight since I doubt I will be in any shape to write it tomorrow evening.

3 thoughts on “Vacation

    1. You are exactly right, I was around track 6 of Disc I of Jedi. I might have been further along (closer to the end or beginning of Disc II), had a friend I have not spoken to in ages happen to call.

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