Star Trekkin’

I’m refraining from squealing with joy, but I just got an order in from SAE…and…well…the picture below speaks for itself:

The new deluxe edition of Giacchino’s Star Trek, the expanded Star Trek III release that was just put out a few weeks ago, and the 20th anniversary edition of Goldsmith’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  I’ll hopefully have a review of the first two up sometime this weekend, along with a new Film Score Friday Top 5 that is actually about…wait for it…film music.  Hopefully, I might also have some short reviews for James Horner’s Karate Kid score along with James Newton Howard’s Last Airbender efforts (though I’m not holding out hope for the Airbender film itself as Ebert has already given it 1/2 a star).  That is all for now, be on the look out this extended Fourth of July weekend for more excitement from The Temp Track.

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