Temp Track 2.0 – A Manifesto

By Michael Harris

This site was re-launched amidst the release of Man of Steel, and for my second score review, hopefully to be posted this weekend or early next week, I’ll be reviewing the score for Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, written by the director.  Within these two scores, and films, we have an interesting case study about the current state of Hollywood.  On the one hand you have a big studio effects film designed to draw in large crowds with a score by one of film music’s biggest names, and on the other, you have a nearly no budget, passion project done by one of Hollywood’s biggest directors and writers, but also one of its biggest rebels.  Leaving the subject of big Hollywood and Team Zimmer aside for now (this will hopefully be the topic of The Temp Track’s first podcast next month), let us ponder the case of Team Whedon and what he has done that points the way for what I feel is the future of creativity, the internet, and the new idea economy.  (Warning: This is a much larger discussion then I do not have room for here, so look for these ideas to be expanded upon in future posts.) Continue reading “Temp Track 2.0 – A Manifesto”